The service has been teaching students since 2015 and supports students who need extra help as well of sign off during final placements pre registration (nurses).

We take approximately 18 nursing students and 3 medical students per year to help them in thier journey to progress to an independantly qualified healthcare professional.

Where we can, we encourage students to work together on projects and to present projects at the annual conference in July. We do try only to have one student at once in each building and we are working towards students attending multi disciplinary training sessions whilst on placement.

Medical students who have completed projects have a high success of publication to conferences such as Royal College of General Practitioners (RCPG), Society of Academic Primary Care (SAPC) and in November 2018 a medical student had her QEPEP project accepted at the World Nursing Congress in Rome which she was funded to attend. 

Publications are listed on the publications page.

Student Feedback

Student feedback for placements really has been excellent. We love teaching students at next steps. The enthusiasm to teach is led from top down as Kirsten Bond has lectured and examined both nursing and medical school students since 2007. 

The following nursing feedback is taken directly from PARE where we review our feedback after every student:

Levenshulme feedback 98.1%

Kingscliffe feedback 98.5%

Kingscliffe feedback is 98.5%

LEvenshukme feedback.PNG
Student feedback Kingscliffe.PNG