Next Steps offers mental health support and rehabilitation in communities in North, Central and South Manchester and Bolton. We have a portfolio of services and are a new an expanding company in the healthcare sector. Our priority is ensuring our residents are looked after using the needs specific "right care in the right area" model of community inclusion. Our units run as small theraputic communities and we service people with the most complex and challenging needs in the area. Next steps currently offers  21 beds over 4 locations with both gender specific and mixed gender enviroments to ensure we are able to meet every persons needs in the safest and most appropriate way possible. We accept referrals from Manchester and have contracts as far afield as Dorset.
This company pay NHS equivilant salaries, annual pay increases, paid breaks, christmas bonus schemes, a social calender and  an annual conference. We support training opportunities and we are a teaching area for Manchester University School of Nursing and Manchester Medical School.
Key company contacts are as follows:
Dr Kirsten Bond RMN PHD - Director and Govenance Lead
Nicola Stead Howarth - Associate Director and Manager at Kingscliffe and Monton and Health and Safety Lead.
Claire Williamson - Manager at Levenshulme and Infection Control Lead.
Paul Wild - Acting Manager at Bolton
Caroline Ceesay - Dignity Champion and Safeguarding Lead
Steven Bond -Clinical Lead
Kaye Rochford - Clinical Lead
Harry Johnstone - Clinical Lead

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